How much is a 1736 gold doubloon of philp v worth

A 1736 gold doubloon of Philip V has an estimated value of $1,000-1,250 or $3,000-UP.

One of the most captivating areas of world coin collecting is that of Spanish colonials. These coins circulated freely throughout the colonial period of the New World, both North America and South America. You can find basically the same coins minted in the Spanish colonies of Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexico, and Peru, from the early 1600s to the early 1800s. They spread as far north as Canada and as far east as Florida.

It is significant to know the Kings of Spain during this period, as their names and portraits appear on many coins.

  • Philip III, 1598-1621
  • Philip IV, 1621-1665
  • Charles II, 1665-1700
  • Philip V, 1700-1746
  • Luis I, 1724
  • Fernando VI, 1746-1759
  • Carlos III, 1759-1788
  • Carlos IV, 1788-1808
  • Jose Napoleon, 1808-1813
  • Ferdinand VII, 1808-1833

According to Fox News, a legendary gold coin -- the first of its kind ever minted in the U.S. and once featured in the plot of a Raymond Chandler novel -- has sold at an auction in Florida for more than $4.5 million. Find out more here.