How much is 3 1/2 tons of gold worth in U.S. dollars? >)}]|CS7|[{(<

Based on the closing spot price of gold as of April 27, 2012 of $1,660.50 per ounce, 3.5 tons of gold would be worth $185,976,000.

Ten years ago, gold was averaging $271.04 per ounce, so the same 3.5 tons of gold would have been worth only $30,356,480. Although gold prices have fallen slightly from the trading high of $1,889.70 per ounce in 2011, experts believe that the bull market on gold will continue.

Total gold demand has been steadily increasing, especially the investment demand. Industrial demand has also been increasing, with the exception of the dental segment where demand has fallen 10% in the last year.

Tuesday, May 01 2012