How much does the turtle man make per episode on the animal planet?

While there is no published information on his salary, reality TV star Turtle Man’s (also known as Ernie Brown, Jr.) net worth is $1 million dollars.

He started catching snapping turtles with his father and uncle when he was still in elementary school. He caught his biggest turtle to date, appropriately named the "Loch Ness Turtle," a monster snapper weighing close to 55 pounds, at the age of 17.

On average, he catches 300 turtles a year and has been injured 33 times. So far, he estimates he's caught over 12,000 turtles. Ernie is an outspoken advocate against animal cruelty, and catches his turtles with his bare hands, and no other equipment.

Of interest, according to Lexington Herald Leader Danville, KY city parks department failed to obtain required approvals to film an episode of Animal Planet's "Wildman" at the public pool where a poisonous snake was released and then captured by Kentucky's "Turtleman,". Find out more here.

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