How much does the cast of teen wolf make per episode?

While the information about the salary of the cast of Teen Wolf is not published online, anecdotal sources suggest that a non-leading cast member gets $10,000 an episode.

During its Season 3B premiere, Teen Wolf brought in record breaking numbers for the show, with a series high of 2.5 million viewers!

This isn’t the first time Teen Wolf has broken ground for itself. The first half of season 3 also debuted with a high of 2.4 million viewers. And although 3B is looking to outshine the previous season’s accomplishments, the trend upwards is a fantastic sign for the show’s overall success. Read more at Hypable.

Back in 1985, Teen Wolf, starring a young Michael J. Fox, became a hit as a film. In 2011, MTV brought it back with a new series by the same name developed by Jeff Davis, and it has quickly became a hit.

When the show first aired, the stars were still young and relatively unknown and over the past five seasons fans have watched them change and develop along with their characters on the show. The show has seen some stars go and new ones join, but it has continued to be a success.

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Wednesday, October 12 2016