How much does Dr. Oz weight?

While there is no published information on Mehmet Cengiz Oz's weight, his age is 53 (born on June 11, 1960) and his height is 6' 1" (1.85 m). Ideal body weight for males with 6' 1" height is 166 - 202 lbs (75 - 92 kg).

Casual observation suggests Dr. Oz has a healthy weight for his height, not appearing emaciated or overweight so we suspect he is in the midrange of the healthy weight range.

Dr. Oz is a well-known heart surgeon who has brought complementary medicine into the mainstream as a television personality, radio host and author. The Dr. Oz Show debuted in 2009 with the highest daytime TV ratings on record in nine years and went on to win three consecutive Emmy Awards.

Dr. Oz revealed his whole-body anti-aging guide for 2014 on the Jan. 10 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, including Bearberry extract to get rid of age spots. Find out more at The Examiner.

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Wednesday, January 15 2014