How much does an olympic bobsled cost?

Sources suggest that a sled can cost as much as $35,000 to build plus a set of runners can cost $5,000, for a total of a pricey $40,000.

The sled consists of a main hull, a frame, a front and rear axle, and two sets of independent steel runners. The hull, also called "cowling", is generally constructed of fiberglass and is open to allow team members to board and sit down. Learn more here.

Of interest, auto manufacturer BMW played a major role redesigning the two-man and two-woman bobsleds used in the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. However, neither BMW nor the bobsled federation has said how much the project cost. Find out more at Los Angeles Times.

in 1997 a bobsled costs around $30,000, so it may even exceed $75,000 with current day prices!

Monday, February 24 2014