How much does an average lobster tail weigh without the shell?

For Extra-Large lobster tail the average weight is 12-14 ounce (340g to 396g), while a Magnum size is within 16-20 ounce (450g to 566g) and for a Super Colossal size, the weight ranges from 20-24 ounce (566g to 680g).

Sources suggest that for a lobster tail to be legally sold, it must weigh at least 3 ounces (85g). The tail holds the biggest piece of meat in the lobster. Learn more at

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Decadent lobster tail elevates any occasion to the extraordinary. Food Network chefs share their hit recipes that will make this delicacy even more delectable.

Are you thinking about buying some frozen lobster tails to make a special meal for your spouse or loved one? Whether you serve them alone or with a steak (Surf & Turf), you will want to read this article so you don’t spend more than you have to for an inferior product. Learn how to buy lobster tails at

Thursday, March 23 2017

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