How much does a ticket to the oscar awards cost?

As The New York Post reported, studios are allocated a certain amount of tickets, but attendees still must pay for them. Last year’s prices, according to the Post, broke down like this:

The best seats—orchestra, parterre and Mezzanine 1—sell for $750 a pop
Mezzanine 2 spots cost $375
The nosebleed seats on the top level go for $150

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend one of the red-carpet events celeb-style? To ride in a limousine, dressed to the nines in the latest fashion, styled head to toe in designer jewels, hair and makeup flawless?

Well, unless you're George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston, you probably don't have designers begging you to wear their clothes or a studio sending you a limo. You'll have to get ready on your own.

So how much would it cost to attend one of these award shows? Tickets are not available to the general public, but should you be able to pull some strings and get yourself on the guest list, break down the costs of how even mere mortals can attend an awards show and look like a pampered, chic celebrity.

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Tuesday, September 13 2016