How much does a Heisman Trophy weigh and how much is one worth?

The Heisman Trophy weighs 25 pounds, the statue is 14" long and 13 ½ high. It is cast in statuary bronze, faithfully depicting a skilled and sinewed football player sidestepping and straight arming his way downfield to a mythical touchdown.

The value of the Heisman Trophy varies, according to an article from The New York Times in 2010, O.J. Simpson’s trophy was sold for $230,000 in 1999.

Heismans have sold for up to $395,240 – the record price fetched by Bruce Smith’s 1941 trophy in a 2005 auction by Lelands – and tend to land north of 300 grand these days. Lelands has sold five Heismans itself – three at auction and two confidentially.

From, Jameis Winston becomes the third Florida State player — all quarterbacks — to win college football’s most prestigious individual award, joining Chris Weinke (2000) and Charlie Ward (1993). Find out more here.

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Tuesday, December 17 2013