how much does a curling stone weigh in the olympics

A curling rock or stone weighs 19.1kg or 42.1lb. The stone is made of rare, dense granite that is quarried on Scotland's Ailsa Craig.

Other curling equipment:

  • Broom or brush- there are two types of brooms, a brush or "push broom" and a corn/straw/Canadian broom.
  • Ice- for indoor tournaments the artificially created ice has its surface sprinkled with water droplets which freeze into tiny bumps on the surface. Called "pebbled ice", this surface helps the stone's grip and leads to more consistent curling.
  • Rink- it is 42.07m long and 4.28m wide with a target or house at either end.
  • Shoes- special curling shoes are common; shoes should grip the ice well.

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Wednesday, February 19 2014