How much do you have to have in deductions to file long form on your income taxes

Not Financial Advice: Any individual tax filer can use IRS Form 1040, the long form. You must use the long form if you are itemizing your deductions.

Standard Deduction Amounts for 2013:

  • Single: $6,100
  • Head of Household: $8,950
  • Married Filing Joint: $12,200
  • Married Filing Separately: $6,100
  • Qualifying Widow/Widower: $12,200
  • Dependent: $1,000-$6,100

Want to know what your standard deduction is? Check out the IRS's standard deduction calculator here. To use it you'll need to input your age, your spouse's age, filing status, and some basic income information.

Of interest, the IRS Taxpayer Advocate recently released a report about unsatisfactory IRS customer service. 39% of taxpayers who phoned in last year for help say they hung up before reaching a live person. Learn the reasons allegedly behind the IRS's poor performance here.

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