How much did walmart pay in taxes?

Not Financial Advice: Wal-Mart Income tax expense in 2013 is $8.11 billion. Breakdown are as follows:

  • Income Tax - Current Domestic: $7.1B
  • Income Tax - Current Foreign: $1.52B
  • Income Tax - Deferred Domestic: ($35M)
  • Income Tax - Deferred Foreign: ($479M)

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It's never a good sign when the IRS commissioner is worried about an upcoming tax-filing season. True, recent years have started off with tax uncertainty, which has led to delayed return processing and slowed refunds. And the latest concern is about some expired tax provisions that could produce a replay of the same in 2015.

But beyond those laws and the general hassle of the annual spring rite of filing, there are other tax issues to consider in the coming year. Here are 10 tax matters that could affect you in 2015 from

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