How much are pecans worth per pound this year

Pecan prices for the average consumer are around $9 per pound across the country for shelled nuts. According to industry experts, pecan costs are heading northward with late November grocery store prices potentially reaching up to $11, even $12 a pound.

With this year’s produce now well underway, come the holiday period, supermarket shelves will be stocking the 2013 crop. These fresh pickings, though, will bear a heftier price tag.

Pecan produce cycles are naturally subject to alternate on years and off years. Not only is 2013 a slighter bearing year, but Georgia, the leading pecan-producing state in the country, is also expected to yield an even smaller than usual harvest due to damaging rains last summer.

Last year Georgia produced around 100 million pounds of pecans. This year, estimates hover about the 75 million pound mark. In total, the Texas Pecan Growers Association has estimated that the entire U.S. production will be around 230 million pounds, 120 million pounds or so less than last year.

Prices for America's only indigenous tree nut — savored in pies, ice cream or by the handful — are expected to remain high this holiday season, as they have been for several years. The increased cost helps pecan growers but hinders home cooks making Thanksgiving desserts and companies such as Sarris Candies, which buys about 100,000 pounds a year. Find out more at Tribune-Review.

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