How many times has steven seagal been married and how many kids does he have?

Steven Seagal has been married four times: Miyako Fujitani (1974-1987), Adrienne La Russa (1984-1987), Kelly LeBrock (1987-1994), and Erdenetuya (Elle) Batsukh (2009-present).

He has seven kids:

  • Kentaro Take (Justice Kentaro Take-Seagamodel) was born in 1975 and is an actor, and an Aikido instructor. His mother is Miyako Fujitani.
    Ayako Faith Fujitani was born in 1979. She is an actress and writer. Her mother is Miyako Fujitani.
    Annaliza Kelly Seagal was born in 1987. Her mother is Kelly LeBrock.
    Dominic San Rocco Seagal was born in 1990. His mother is Kelly LeBrock.
    Arisa Montana Seagal was born in 1993. Her mother is Kelly LeBrock.
    Savannah Seagal was born in 1996. Her mother is Arissa Wolf.
    Kunzang Seagal was born in 2010. His mother is Erdenetuya Batsukh.

These days Steven keeps busy touring with the Steven Seagal Blues Band.

Follow Steven on Twitter @sseagalofficial to stay on top of his latest adventures.

In the news, the Blue's player was recently kicked out of a music festival in Estonia due to public outcry over his support of Vladimir Putin. Find out more from the New York Daily News.

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