How many times did the cowboys play the steelers 4 the superbowl

The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers met 3 times for a Superbowl competition.

The first time was at Super bowl X in Miami, FL, 1976; the Steelers took the Cowboys 21-17.

The next time was Super bowl XIII, 1979, back in Miami when the Steelers once again won over the Cowboys 35-31.

Finally at Super bowl XXX in Tempe, AZ, 1996; the Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-17.

The Steelers have made 7 appearances at Superbowl games in total, winning 6 of them

The Cowboys have made it to 8 Superbowl games, and won 5 of them.

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In "who'll pays who" news, rumors are spread that the NFL wants musical acts performing at the Superbowl to not only work for no money, but to actually pay for the privilege!


Monday, September 22 2014

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