How many quarters fit into a 2 liter bottle

It depends on how densely they're packed. But to get a first-hand estimate, do the following:

Determine the volume of a quarter. Find information from the US mint.

Diameter: 24.26 mm; Thickness: 1.75 mm

To get the Volume, use this formula: (pi) r2h.

V = (pi) r2h

V = 3.14 x 12.332 x 1.75

V = 835.4 mm³

Get the volume of 2L bottle in cubic millimeters:

2 L = 2000000 mm³

Now, divide the volume of the bottle by the volume of a single quarter.

Because of the irregularities of the shape of the container as well as the coin, the quarters only take about 75% of the total volume of the bottle (75% of 2000000 mm³ = 1500000 mm³).

= 1500000 mm³ / 835.4 mm³

= 1,796 quarters

Tip! See this Metric Conversion Study Guide from Chappaqua Central School District to learn more.

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