How many minutes will verizon wifi hot spot with 5GB's of data usage for the internet last me.

Verizon claims that an average web page costs about 1.5 MB and an hour of YouTube will eat up at about 200 MB.

If you are using 200mb per hour then the Verizon 5GB data plan can only last for 1,536 minutes. The minutes vary on how much you are using per hour.

Verizon has data packages for all kinds of data users and offers this usage calculator to figure out how much data you’ll need in a given month.

Here's how to monitor your data usage with Verizon:

  • Receive Automated Text Message Alerts - With My Verizon and/or My Verizon Mobile you can set up your account so that you receive text messages or emails alerting you when you’ve reached 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%, and a one-time overage alert at 110% of your data allowance.
  • Online - Sign in to My Verizon and view the Data Usage section of My Usage.
  • Call from your device - Dial #DATA (#3282) + Send from your wireless device.
  • My Verizon Mobile app - Open the My Verizon Mobile app. Tap Usage Details and tap Data to view the data usage for each line on your account.
  • Android Widget - A data usage widget that displays usage details on your Smartphone Home screen is available for Android devices with OS version 1.6 and higher.

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