How many kids does Steve Harvey have and how old are they?

57 year old actor, producer, and writer Steve Harvey (born Broderick Stephen Harvey on January 17, 1957 in Welch, West Virginia) has 4 children, 3 from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey (1980 - 1994), and 1 from his second marriage to Mary Lee Shackelford (1996 - 2005).

Marcia Harvey had twin daughters, Brandy and Charlie (born 1982) and then a son, Steve, Jr. (born in 1991).

Wynton Harvey (born 1997) was the fourth child, he was born from his second wife, Mary Lee Shackleford.

Harvey married Marjorie Bridges June 25, 2007; they remain together, but as yet have no children together.

It may be debatable what the value of marriage advice is from a man married three times, but offers tips and relationship advice, including topics such as Living With A Messy Spouse, and the Best Places to Meet A Good Guy.

In "no matter what you think, that man's got it going on" news, the 'Steve Harvey' Season Three Premiere Week jumped up 13% in Metered Market Household Ratings vs. Season Two.

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