How many jelly beans are in a 8 ounce baby bottle.

There are about 56 jellybeans that can be fitted inside a 8oz baby bottle.

A simple calculation can be done to estimate the number of jellybeans that can be filled inside a 8oz baby bottle.

  1. We know that the volume of a 8oz baby bottle is 236.5882cm³. Use this US fluid ounces to cubic centimeters calculator

  2. Determine the volume of a single jellybean. Thanks to this link for sharing the approximate volume of one jelly bean: 3.375 or 27/8 cubic centimeters.

  3. Calculate the percentage of the total volume the jellybeans take up in the jar. Because of their shape and irregularities, there is considerable airspace in the container which estimated at 20%.

  4. Divide your estimate for the size of a single jellybean into 80% of the volume of the jar.

  5. So that would be:

80% of 236.5882cm³ = 189.27056cm³

189.27056cm³ / 3.375 cm³ = 56.0801659

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