How many gallons of water can fit in a 4 inch pipe that's 10 feet long

You need to calculate the volume of a cylinder. For a 10 feet pipe with 4 inches diameter, it can hold 0.855 cubic feet or 6.396 gallons. You can use this online calculator to calculate the volume of a cylinder at

Although a cylinder is theoretically not a prism, it shares many of the properties of a prism. Like prisms, you can get the volume by multiplying the area of one end of the cylinder (base) by its height.

Since the end or base of a cylinder is a circle, the area of that circle is given by the formula:

  • area = π*r2

Multiplying by the height h we get:

  • volume = πr2h


  • π is Pi, around 3.142
  • r is the radius of the circular end of the cylinder
  • h is the height of the cylinder

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