How many 1/4 cups equals a 2/3 cup?

To figure out how many quarter cups make two thirds of a cup we need to first find a common denominator, which is 12.

  • 1/4 = 3/12

  • 2/3 = 8/12

Now we can do some very simple math dividing 3 into 8:

  • 8 / 3 = 2.66

So it would take 2.66 quarter cups to equal two thirds of a cup (just a bit more than two and a half quarter cups).

If you're baking and need very precise measurements, but don't have a 2/3 cup measure, it might be better to use spoons: 2/3 of a cup is 10 tablespoons, and 2 teaspoons.

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Saturday, August 16 2014


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