How M&M's can fit in a quart jar?

About 1,012 M&M's chocolates fit in a quart jar.

A simple calculation can be done to estimate the number of chocolates that fit inside:

1. We know that the capacity of a quart jar is 946.352946 cubic centimeters (32 fl oz).
2. Determine the volume of a single M&M. In case you’re curious, average size is .636 cubic centimeters.
3. Calculate the percentage of the total volume the chocolates take up in the jar. Because of their unique shape, M&M’s poured randomly occupy 68% of the volume.
4. Divide your estimate for the size of a single M&M into 68% of the volume of the jar.

So that would be:

• 68% of 946.352946 = 643.52000328
• 643.52000328 /.636 = 1011.82390453

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