How long was lizzie borden in jail before her trial?

Important dates in the life of Lizzie Borden:
Born in Fall River, Massachusetts: July 19, 1860;
Arrested for the axe murder of her father and step-mother: August 4, 1892;
Acquitted of the crimes: June 20, 1893;
Died: June 1, 1927.

She was in jail for nearly 11 months while awaiting and undergoing her trial for murder. Although she was acquitted, history has remembered her as a bitter daughter who got away with murder.

In 2012, the museum in Fall River, Massachusettes put two journals on display. They were accounts of the trial and people involved as kept by Lizzie’s attorney. The journals reignited public interest in the killings and trial that took place in the small New England town.

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