How long is TRA (temporary rental assistance) program in NJ and extension

Not legal advice: Temporary rental assistance in New Jersey under the state's Emergency Assistance program may last for up to 12 months. Extensions may be granted under certain hardship conditions. You must be enrolled with Work First New Jersey or receiving Supplemental Security Income to qualify.

Under New Jersey's State Rental Assistance Program, Family Waiting list participants and homeless families who receive referrals may receive rental subsidies for up to 5 years. There is a two-year extension based on extenuating circumstances. To qualify you must earn less than 40% of the state's median income.

There is no State Rental Assistance Program rental subsidy term limit for participants age 65 and older or the disabled.

Just in- People displaced by Superstorm Sandy are preparing to move into low-income rental apartments and houses in New Jersey, eight other states, and the District of Columbia. The IRS says they will not be subject to the income limitations normally imposed on those seeking temporary housing assistance.

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