How long after using Oxycontin Do i have to wait to take a dose Suboxone. Whats the earliest i can take my dose of Suboxone

Not Medical Advice: Your doctor will guide you on how long you will need to wait before taking your first dose of Suboxone. Generally, you will need to wait at least until you are feeling the beginnings of withdrawal pain before you can safely take it. If you do not abstain, or if you take Suboxone too early after taking another opiate, you can have an immediate symptom of detox pains.

As a rough guideline, you have to abstain from Oxycontin for 24 hours (or more) before receiving your first Suboxone medication.

Consult your doctor before using buprenorphine together with Oxycontin. Combining these medications may lessen the analgesic effects of Oxycontin. If you have been getting treatment with Oxycontin, adding buprenorphine may cause you to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

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