How far is Pomona, CA from Los Angeles, CA?

There are three main routes from Los Angeles, CA to Pomona, CA:

I-10 E is about 30 miles and would take about 33 minutes to drive.

CA-60 E and I-10 E is about 32 miles and would take about 36 minutes to drive.

CA-60 E all the way is about 33 miles and would take about 37 minutes to drive.

Of course drive time depends on traffic, so your best bet is to check out the traffic on all three routes via Google maps to decide which one is best.

Before taking any highway drives, be sure to check out the American Red Cross' Highway Safety: Appropriate Steps to Stay Safe on the Road.

In "what's in a name" highway news, state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier wants to shift the power of establishing naming rights for California’s state highways from the Legislature to Caltrans.

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Thursday, September 25 2014


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