How far is Magee, MS from Ridgeland, MS?

It's a distance of approximately 52.4 miles from Magee, Mississippi to Ridgeland, Mississippi. It takes about 1 hour and 2 minutes to drive by car.

To get there, you start out on Route 49 and drive north about 37 miles until it runs into Interstate 55, where you merge onto I-55 North. Then, just drive north for 12 miles until you see the sign for Exit 105B for Ridgeland, MS.

You'll pass Jackson, Mississippi just after getting onto Interstate 55. Interstate 20, which runs East/West, intersects with Interstate 55 very close to where you merge onto I-55 North. Magee, MS is about 43 miles southeast of Jackson, MS, while Ridgeland, MS is about 10 miles north of Jackson.

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Friday, April 06 2012