How far apart are c0rnhole boards supposed to be?

According to the American C0rnhole Association the "Pitcher's Box" (the boards) should have 27 feet between them.

The actual holes are then separated by 33 feet, with the Junior Foul Line being 21 feet out.

When you play you get 1 point for each bag that lands on the board but does not touch the ground, and 3 points for sinking the bag in the hole. Any bag touching the ground is disqualified and gets 0 points.

Throwing a C0rnhole is a lot less of a science than it is an art. There is no question that the perfect arc and the perfect slide will make you a C0rnhole every time. The trouble is in actually throwing your bags with that perfect arc and slide every time. Check out some tips that will help you on your quest at

Thursday, June 15 2017