how do you turn off Swype features on a Motorola Atrix?

To turn off the swype feature on your android phone first, you need to go to Settings>Language and Keyboard, select Input Method and then choose Multi-touch keyboard.

Another way is to click and hold on any text input box (such as the body area of an email or text message). A menu will pop up and one of the options will be Input Methods.Then select Multi-touch keyboard.

Swype reports to be a faster and simpler way to key in text on any screen. With one continuous movement across the screen, Swype allow users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods at over 40 words per minute. The application is formed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens, and more.

Recent news, popular Android keyboard apps Swype and SwiftKey now have a competitor in the form of Google's homemade Google Keyboard app, which arrived on the Play Store this week. The free app is now available to all Android devices carrying Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

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