How do you steer a bobsled?

To steer, the driver holds and manipulates the pair of ropes connected to the sled's steel runners. The driver also gets help from the rest of the crew members, who shift their weight to aid with the steering.

Bobsled races are competitions between two-person or four-person teams. Teams fly down a mile-long, ice-covered course in an aerodynamic sled at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. The team with the fastest combined time after two runs gets the gold.

Types of sled:

  • Two-man
  • Two-woman
  • Four-man

Each type of sled has a minimum weight when empty and a maximum weight with bobsledders and their equipment. Find sled specifications and other bobsleigh equipment at

Of interest, bobsleigh was in the vanguard of exploring new technological improvements, with a number of teams hooking with up leading F1 marques or car manufacturers. While the Italian National Olympic Committee worked with Ferrari, the U.S. two-men bobsleigh team benefited from its collaboration with BMW. Check out more at CNN.