How do you spell plea the dance move?

Spelled as plié, many times misspelled as "plea", it is a commonly used ballet technique and is usually used to warm-up at the barre.

Plié (from the French word “bent”), is a knee bend in ballet. It is used in jumps and turns to absorb shock, provide spring, and as an exercise to loosen muscles and to develop balance.

Executed in all of the five basic foot positions, pliés may be shallow, so that the ballerina’s heels remain on the floor (demi-plié), or deep, so that in all foot positions excluding the second the heels rise (grand plié).

When learning how to do a plié, it's significant to note the differences between the demi-plie and the grand-plie. Learn on how to do a Grand Plie at or Demi Plie here.

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