How do you set a tax rate on a royal 435dx electronic cash register

Here's how to program a fixed tax rate for Royal 435dx Cash Register according to their manual:

"prg" mode + Tax 1 - 4 + [Tax Shift] + Tax Rate (4 Digit #) + (Amt/Tend/TOTAL)

Please note: You can program 1 Tax Rate or up to 4 Tax Rates. Be reminded, when you determine a department's tax status, at that point, you identify the tax rate you want for that department.

If you make an error between steps 2 and 4, press the Clear [C] key and start again at step 2:

Step 1: Enter the program mode: Move the Control Switch to the "prg" position.
Step 2: Enter (1 - 4), 1 through 4 being the Tax Rate identifier where that tax percentage will be stored in memory.
Step 3: Press [tax shift] key
Step 4: Enter the Tax Percentage Rate. Up to 5 digits can be used. You MUST enter three digits after the desired decimal place. For instance, to enter 5.5% type [5500], to enter 7% type [7000], to enter 10.25% type [10250].
Step 5: Press the [amt tend/TOTAL] key

Please note: If you want to set up another Tax Rate, return to step 2.

Continue with other programming or move the Control Switch out of the Program mode.

Tip! To learn more about on how to operate Royal 435dx Cash Register visit - Instruction Manual.

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