How do you say "i want to fuck" in spanish

A Taste of Romance.There are many different ways to say, "I want to f**k" in Spanish.

In Latin America, a common way to say it is, "Quiero joder". Joder can indicate either anger or intercourse, depending on locale.

In Spain, the most widely used way to say this phrase is, "Quiero follar." Follar is translated as "to screw or to f**k."

Of course you may find using offensive language more likely to get you a slap in the face than an evening of fun. We might suggest that instead you try "Eres tan hermosa, quiero lo llevará a París y hacer el amor contigo toda la noche" which would translate to "You are so beautiful, I want to whisk you away to Paris and make love to you all night long."

You're likely to find that a little romance can go a very long way.

Updated on Tuesday, March 06 2012 at 02:15AM EST