how do you say "goodnight sexy, sweet dreams" in hawaiian?

In a word for word translation, you say:

  • Aloha po (for good night)
  • Ho'okola (for sexy)
  • Mana'o nahenahe (for sweet dreams)

As for the word sexy, the term is widely used everywhere and Hawaiians just simply say the word as it is. So, you can just say "sexy" and they'll definitely get the message.

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Hawaii is the only American state to have two official languages, Hawaiian and English. However, a 3rd unofficial language is also widely spoken, Pidgin which is a slang combining words from many aspects of island life and culture.

Of course, you do not need to speak Hawaiian (or Pidgin for that matter) to enjoy Hawaii. English is everywhere.

However, most of the names of towns, streets, places, and scenic sites are in Hawaiian. Learning a bit about the language can greatly improve your pronunciation and reading of Hawaiian words.

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