How do you pronounce the parrots name in Aladdin?

The name of Jafar's parrot in Disney's 1992 "Aladdin" is Iago - pronounced as ee-ah-goh. Below is a clip from the movie where you can hear Jafar saying Patience Iago, Patience!

Voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, Iago is one of the sassiest Disney sidekicks. He always has a sarcastic remark to balance out Jafar’s brooding.

That said, Iago’s quotes are perfect for many situations beyond communicating with a dramatic royal vizier.

Iago is the Welsh and Galician form of JACOB. This was the name of two early Welsh kings of Gwynedd. It is also the name of the villain in Shakespeare's tragedy 'Othello' (1603). -

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Wednesday, March 15 2017

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