How do you play rats ass the dice game?

According to Roger Wendell, here are the rules in playing Rat's Ass:

  1. Play with 6 dice

  2. Players take turns

  3. Must have at least 500 points to "get on the scoreboard". When your score is zero, you must get 500 in your first turn for it to count; otherwise you throw it away and start from zero on next turn.

  4. Object is to pass 5000 points. Once one player does so, the other players each have one final turn to try to surpass his final score.

  5. During your turn, you can continue as long as at least one dice scores. If all 6 score, you say " and rolling" and start over with all 6 dice.

"Rats Ass" is when you throw any/all dice and get none that score.


  • 5 = 50
  • 1 = 100

Three of a kind:

  • 3 twos = 200
  • 3 threes = 300
  • 3 fours = 400
  • 3 fives = 500
  • 3 sixes = 600
  • 3 ones = 1000


  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 = 1000

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