How do you lower the rear end of a dodge ram 1500 truck to make it leval with out fliping the leaf springs ? Smith

Full-size or midsize pickups can be lowered in various ways. Depending on the method used, the procedure might also affect the vehicles appearance, handling, towing and cargo capacity. has listed the best practices and techniques in lowering your truck. See them below:

Coil Springs

  • An aftermarket set of coil springs is a great way to lower your truck’s suspension as much as 2 inches. Some trucks use coils at the rear, so look for a complete kit from the same manufacturer. The best choice is to use progressive-rate springs made from high-quality steel, to avoid spring sag over time.

Air Springs (bags)

  • Airbags or air springs come in a variety of kits. This one attaches to the truck frame and axle to lower the rear five to 6 inches. Others systems can be customized to lower the vehicle all the way to the frame.


  • Popularized by lowriders, hydraulic systems work like air springs but use hydraulic fluid to fill up solid cylinders that replace the trck’s coil springs, shocks and leaf springs. This system requires a sophisticated network of switches, solenoids, hydraulic lines, tank and a hydraulic pump to operate successfully.

Leaf Spring Eye Hangars

  • Many truck owners replace the factory leaf spring mounts (also called hangars and shackles) to lower the rear 1½-2 inches. This requires drilling out or cutting the factory shackles from the frame and bolting on new ones. This method works extremely well and is often combined with other products to achieve a lower stance.

Leaf Spring Blocks

  • Blocks have been one of most popular ways to lower the rear of pickup trucks anywhere from 1-3 inches. Many lowering kits include leaf spring blocks inserted between the axle and the leaf spring. The absolute best blocks to use are steel units with a built-in pinion angle correction.

Drop Spindles

*Drop spindles are probably one of the best ways to lower your vehicle properly by 2 or 3 inches without affecting the ride quality or factory suspension geometry. Combining drop spindles with a 2-inch lowering coil can give you up to 4 inches of drop.

Here are some of the more popular procedures that can help you decide what might work best for your application:

In the news, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into an estimated 260,000 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks after consumer complaints of rear differential failures. Read more at

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