How do you get rid of cotton fever

Not Medical Advice: Cotton fever is not often life-threatening, although incredibly unpleasant. Symptoms tend to subside on their own within 24 hours, though in cases where symptoms are intense it’s recommended that individuals may require an antibiotic to fight the infection, prescribed by a physician in a hospital emergency room.

However, most individuals can manage the symptoms at home by drinking plenty of water, taking warm baths, taking anti-inflammatory medications like Tylenol or Advil, and trying to relax as the infection works its way out of the body.

A condition referred to as cotton fever has been experienced by addicts ever since the original spike in intravenous drug use that occurred in the 1970s. Since it tended to be a common malady of intravenous drug users, many addicts attributed the condition to be a result of their injecting drugs into their bloodstream.

But cotton fever isn’t what most addicts think it is.

The real cause is most likely an infection brought on by Pantoea agglomerans. This is a bacterium found on cotton plants, not in cotton itself.

In fact, in the 1940’s cotton pickers began to exhibit cotton fever symptoms. They weren’t IV drug users, but rather people who had frequent contact with cotton plants and, subsequently, Pantoea agglomerans.

In recent years, there’s been new evidence that suggests cotton fever is actually a form of sepsis.

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