How do you block your cell number when you send a text message?

You cannot send an anonymous text from your phone. However, there are some Smartphone Apps such as Anonymous Texting and Anonytext that allow you to block your phone number and still send text messages.

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn't have any apps that mask your own phone number. But they do have a plethora of apps that allow you to create a new number to text with. The phone number can't be traced to your real number, so you can text anonymously.

You can also send an anonymous text message to any phone number through your email account, as long as you know the other person's carrier.

Tip! But you have to make sure that the email isn't linked to any of your other accounts, like Facebook or Gmail; create an email exclusively for text messages if you want to keep it truly anonymous.

In most cases, you can send SMS (plain text messages) using the following corresponding email templates:

  • AT&T:
  • Verizon Wireless:
  • Sprint:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Metro PCS:

You can also use text messaging websites such as Fake My Text, Textem, TextPort and TxtEmNow. However, the problem with these websites, though, is that you can't receive text messages after sending them, unless you give them your email.

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