How do u program a rca universal remote to control a gpx dvd player

Here are the steps to program an RCA Universal Remote Control using the Automatic Code Search Method:

Step 1. Turn on your DVD player.

Step 2. Press and release the DVD player button. The ON-OFF button will light up and should remain lit.

Step 3. Now, simultaneously press and hold the DVD button and the ON-OFF button. The illuminated ON-OFF button will turn off. Then it should turn back on.

Step 4. Release both buttons after the ON-OFF button relights. It should remain on.

Step 5. Now, press and release the PLAY button. If the DVD player does not turn off after 5 seconds, continue to hit the PLAY button until the DVD player turns off.

Step 6. Next press and release the REVERSE button. Wait to see if the DVD player turns back on.

Step 7. Press and release the STOP button to save the new code.

Tips & Warnings: Each time you press the PLAY button in Step 5, the ON-OFF button blinks 10 times and a list of 10 codes is sent to your component. This process continues 'til all of the code lists have been searched. If the component has not switched off after all codes have been searched, the ON-OFF button blinks four times, turns off, and the Auto Code Search is exited.

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