How do i get a Vpo in oklahoma county?

Not legal advice: Protective orders are available to anyone who has been physically abused, stalked or threatened with imminent physical harm by a family or household member.

In order to file a Victim Protection Order (VPO) you'll need to file through the Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office. They are located at:

  • 320 Robert S. Kerr
    Oklahoma City, OK.

To find out what, if any, paperwork and information you need to provide you can call (405) 713-1735.

There are no initial fees for filing the order, if there are any court fees, they are assessed by the judge at the time of the hearing.

Later, if you need to check for service status on a VPO, you can call (405) 713-1030. offers A Couple Tips on Restraining Orders.

In the news, CNN is reporting that a judge has denied Shelly Sterling's witness protective order request to prevent her estranged husband, Donald Sterling, and his legal team from contacting witnesses in the couple's court battle over control of the Los Angeles Clippers.