how do i do a factory reset on the motorola s10-hd bluetooth headset

The steps for factory reset on the motorola s10 hd bluetooth headset are as follows:

Switch off the Bluetooth on all devices apart from the device you want to pair the headset with.

Then, with the headset switched on press the O and + buttons, those are the volume-up and power button, and hold until the LED is at a constant blue, (not a flashing blue). This is more simply done if you press the O button first, just as you would hold shift down first before typing a capital letter, otherwise you may accidentally switch off the headset.

Now the headset is discoverable and ready to pair with a computer. When you search for a discoverable headset through the Bluetooth preferences wizard It will show up as "motorola".

If you are encountering connection or audio problems with your headset it is advised that you perform a reset and attempt to reconnect. First, switch off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with your headphones. Then on your S10, Press and hold the Power button until the LED has turned solid blue. After that switch on the Bluetooth feature on your phone. Several devices will need you to select Scan for Devices. Then in the list of discovered devices Select Motorola S10-HD. Enter 0000 If prompted for the passkey.

When connected, you see the status light quickly flash in blue and red on your headphones. For everyday use, make sure your headphones are switched on, and your phone’s Bluetooth feature is on. Your headphones and phone will connect automatically.

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