How do I block a selected channel on direct tv?

You can limit/block any programming you regard to be inappropriate. DIRECTV features Parental Controls available with every DIRECTV receiver which lets you restrict unsupervised TV viewing, block specific channels, limit viewing times and set spending limits.

Set up Parental Controls on your SD receiver or a DVR:

  • Press MENU on your remote control.

Set up Parental Controls on your HD receiver or an HD DVR: * Press MENU on your remote control * Select Settings & Help * Select Parental Controls

If you select LOCK NOW, you will be prompted to provide a personal identification number (PIN). If you want to watch a restricted channel, just enter your PIN when requested.

For more information, see your owner's manual. Learn how to use The Guide to find out ratings and detailed info about its content.

In the news, DirecTV supports Time Warner over CBS dispute. The company issued a statement praising Time Warner Cable's decision to drop CBS programming from its lineup in the nation's two largest markets after the two failed to reach an agreement over fees. Learn more at

Updated on Sunday, January 18 2015 at 12:50PM EST
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