How did Trace Adkins get shot?

Trace Adkins was shot by his ex-wife Julie Curtis. The couple fought over Adkins breaking his promise to quit drinking. Adkins said things in hope of scaring the gun away from her hands. Instead, the gun went off and hit his heart and reached both lungs.

Prior to that, he survived two car accidents, and almost lost his legs to a bulldozer. He has also weathered a hurricane trapped on an offshore oil rig and cut off his left pinkie while opening an oil-barrel lid…whew!!

The singer's trademark baritone has brought countless hits to the top of the charts and turned albums into Platinum plaques, selling over 10 million albums. He got his big break while singing at Tillie's & Lucy's Pub in Nashville, when he was seen by the president of Capitol Records, and was then immediately offered to sign a contract.

Freshly baked, Trace Adkins was named winner of "All Star Celebrity Apprentice". The country singer admitted he'd love to do more acting and even more reality television, including "The Voice."

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