How did the geometry teacher feel about Octagons?

The answer to that question is It was a love - "eight" relationship.

7 signs you’re in a love-h@te relationship according to

You absolutely love certain parts of him
But you outright cannot stand other parts of him
There’s always intense emotions
There’s a constant break-up and make-up cycle
Your man has become a prize
The relationship doesn’t have a true purpose
The relationship lacks deep connections

Discover the four kinds of love relationships at The Huffington Post.

Pizzazz are puzzles that are designed so that students will construct a joke or unscramble the answer to a riddle in the process of checking their answers. The humour operates as an incentive because the students don’t get punch line until they complete the exercise.

Try to answer some of these math worksheets at and check your answer at the bottom of the page.

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