How did the conquistadors help establish the spanish empire in the americas

They defeated the empire that existed and gathered information to bring to Spain. Spanish conquistadors took control of land in the Americas, and then Spain created a formal system to rule over the new lands.

By the early 1500s, the Spanish had a firm foothold in the Americas. From Spain’s island colonies in the Caribbean, soldier-adventurers called conquistadors set out to explore and conquer a world unknown to them. They hoped for riches and glory for themselves and for Spain.

In 1519, conquistador Hernando Cortés sailed from Cuba to Mexico with more than 500 soldiers. The first Native Americans he met presented him with gifts of gold.

On November 8, 1519, Cortés marched into the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlán. As the Spaniards moved closer to Tenochtitlán, many Native Americans joined them. Conquered by the Aztecs, they hated the Aztec’s brutal rule.

The Aztec leader Moctezuma (mokt uh ZOO muh) (also spelled Montezuma) met with Cortés and tried to get him to leave by offering him gold. The gold had the opposite effect. Cortés took Moctezuma hostage and claimed all of Mexico for Spain. However, the Aztecs soon rebelled and forced the Spaniards to flee.

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