How did Horseheads,NY get its name?

Horseheads in New York was given its name to honor the services of the American Military Horse that were put to rest in the area during the Revolutionary War.

A twenty-eight square mile memorial, unparalleled in American Military History, is the proud distinction that enshrines the town and Village of Horseheads, New York.

The village was incorporated on May 15, 1837 as “Fairport”, not Horseheads originally, because of its location on the Chemung Canal which had then been in operation nearly four years.

The sixteen-mile feeder canal coming down the valley from Corning joined the Chemung Canal just a short distance northeast of Hanover Square.

The important office of the Toll Collector was located here, and all boats and barges were required to stop, have their cargoes weighed and pay tolls on same. There was a lock on West Franklin St. where old and young gathered to watch the boats “locked through”.

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Wednesday, July 26 2017