Here's Beth Chapman's weight loss journey according to The Celeb Weight Loss:

Her Workout Routine

Physical hard work is the USP of her workout routine. She exchanged watching TV with playing sports. It assists her burn more calories and fats. She dedicates 4 hours daily to mild exercises. Turns out, positive attitude is a requisite for her to attaining the destination called weight loss. Cardio exercise and weight training are the essential parts of her workout routine.

Her Weight Loss Diet

She changed her dietary habits to change her body shape. Rather than cheese burgers, she indulged in healthy cereals. Switching to nutritious food is one the best tactic to lose weight. She went on high water dietand drank lots and lots of water. It helped her get rid of harmful toxins. Cabbage and lettuce are her favorites in her diet. Her sweet tooth maintains a distance with sweets and sweet derived products. It helps chuck out extra calories. She prefers fruits and vegetables that have high amount of water in it. Consuming leafy veggies is her mantra to embrace healthy living.

Her supportive husband helped her in this fitness regime. He showered as much love and support as he could. He loved her the way she was, he loves her the way she is.

Rumour has it that Beth Chapman’s flat belly is a result of surgery called abdominoplasty.

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