How deep is 20 bar water resistant

The 20 Bar is equivalent to 20 ATM, 200m, or 660ft. It is suitable for all high impact water sports and scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas.

A watch is not water resistant unless stated on the dial or case back.

Most water resistant watches are not designed for prolonged active use in water.

Water resistance is stated as a depth (BAR, ATM, meters or feet) this means that it has been tested in a laboratory to withstand a static pressure for a short period only at the stated depth. The actual water pressure on the watch during use is greater than the static pressure. During diving into a pool the pressure on the watch is greater at the impact point with the water.

Certain chemicals in water can damage the watch seal as well as perfumes, aerosol sprays and other cosmetics.

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Tuesday, December 30 2014

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