How come joey greco doesn't host some episodes of cheaters and there is some new guy who sucks?

After 10 seasons and more than 800 case studies of people cheating on each other Joey Greco is no longer the host of Cheaters. As of season 13 the new host is Clark Gable, the grandson of the late Gone with the Wind star with the same name. Bobby Goldstein, the creator of Cheaters said Gable was brought in to “freshen up the show.”

Gable is currently filming episodes of Cheaters in Dallas, Texas. Season 13 has already premiered in some markets. In others, the first show will air in October 2012. Gable wants show fans to know this, “I’m learning slowly. I’m no Joey Greco, but I do the best I can.”

In a recent interview Greco said that breaking the news of cheating partners to people never got easier as the seasons went on, because each couple and each situation was different. At this time his only gig is a call-in radio program called Issues with Joey Greco, where he offers advice on a variety of issues. Check it out here.

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